Audi Q8 — top model in SUV range

Audi Q8 - najwyższy model z rodziny SUV

Audi Q8 — top model in SUV range will come out in 2018 and will be the most tech­no­lo­gi­cally advan­ced model from Ger­man com­pany. Its big­gest rivals will be BMW X6 and Mer­ce­des GLE. Pri­ces are belie­ved to be set aro­und £55,000 in UK for the most affor­da­ble model, a Q8 3.0 TDI.

Audi Q8 will join the Q line: new Q2, next Q3 and Q5, upco­ming Q1 and Q4 and all-elec­tric Q6. Q8 will be simi­lar to Q7 and they will share the majo­rity of sys­tems.

As men­tio­ned, in tech mat­ters, Q8 is plan­ned to be the most tech­no­lo­gi­cally advan­ced car  on the mar­ket. For exam­ple Q8 will be equ­ip­ped with 48-volt elec­tric sys­tem which is  in deve­lop­ment stage for upco­ming Audi A8, high-defi­ni­tion displays and auto­no­mus dri­ving sys­tems.

Audi Q8 wil be close in length and width to Q7. Howe­ver, because of more aggre­sive roofline, Q8 will be much lower than Q7. Because of this Audi Q8 will be less prac­ti­cal than Q7. Q8 will be build on the same plat­form as Q7 — the ligh­twe­ight MLB plat­form. Q8 will be build mainly from alu­mi­nium and it will have couple of ele­ments from car­bon­fi­bre.

SUV line is one of the most impor­tant areas, because every third car sold by Audi is from Audi SUV line. Pro­duc­tion is set to begin in second half of 2018.

Altho­ugh SUV mar­ket is not eye-cat­ching as sports car mar­ket, we rec­kon it is posi­tive sign that Audi tries to keep up with pace set by BMW and Mer­ce­des in buil­ding as most models as possi­ble. And what is your opi­nion? Ple­ase com­ment below!