Audi R8 with HRE wheels

Audi R8 z felgami HRE 1

Zrzut ekranu 2016-04-29 o 20.35.47Altho­ugh there aren’t cur­ren­tly many mods to Audi R8, HRE Per­fo­mance whe­els has deci­ded to com­fort R8 owner by cre­ating new whe­els to the most power­ful Audi. Audi R8 with 20” HRE whe­els at the front and 21” at the back looks feno­me­nal!

Stan­dard R8 (photo) is powe­red by 5,2-litre V10 which pro­du­ces 540 PS hel­ping it hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.5 seconds. Maxi­mum speed is 320 km/h (198 mph). Price: £119,520.

We don’t know wether there are some good stock whe­els, but if we had an R8, we would buy P104s whe­els from HRE Per­for­mance whe­els. And what you think? Give us your tho­ughts and ple­ase com­ment below!