BMW is believed to build 911 rival


Zrzut ekranu 2016-04-29 o 20.35.47BMW is believ to build 911 rival with hybrid engine. Admit­te­dly, eve­ry­one in BMW denied that such car might be build, but at the sur­ro­un­dings it is belie­ved that engi­ne­ers were given the green light.

Lack of true sports car, which for exam­ple is R8 for Audi, cer­ta­in­tly suf­fers one of the big­gest car pro­du­cer. The alledge sports car might be powe­red by flat six engine sup­por­ted by 2 elec­tric motors with com­bi­ned power of more than 500 HP.

Car will be deve­lop on the new plat­form which is in pro­duc­tion stage for 6 Series — CLAR.

The new BMW hybrid might come up aro­und 2020 so we will have to wait some time, untill we see it.

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