Fostla BMW M3

Fostla BMW M3 5

Zrzut ekranu 2016-04-29 o 20.35.47Fostla BMW M3 is very good offer for fans of tuned BMWs. At first, Fostla wrap­ped the car in chrome vinyl, which gives you ama­zing mir­ror effect. Next they’ve tin­ted win­dows and headli­ghts.

In add­tion, BMW M3 got many car­bon parts. There is new front split­ter, hood, side skirts, rear spi­ler. Fostla also put 20-inch whe­els GTS style.

4-litre V8 remain unchan­ged. It still pro­duce 420 PS, which allows acce­le­rate to 100 km/h in 4,8 s. Maxi­mum speed is limi­ted to 250 km/h.

Modi­fi­ca­tions cost c.a. $15,000.

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