Mercedes AMG GT Roadster

Mercedes AMG GT Roadster 2

As we men­tio­ned here on our polish website, Mer­ce­des is belie­ved to build mid-engine super­car as an addi­tion to AMG GT. But in the mean­time, we will see couple of pre­mie­res of  new AMG GT ver­sions. One of them is the new Mer­ce­des AMG GT Road­ster.

Mer­ce­des-AMG CEO, Tobias Moers, has admit­ted that Mer­ce­des AMG GT Road­ster is in deve­lop­ment and it will come out this year. First custo­mers will get their cars in early 2017. Accor­ding to Moers, AMG GT Road­ster will be ava­ila­ble in three options — stan­dard, S and one “dif­fe­rent variant”. Moers didn’t con­firm what it might be but rumor say that it will be high per­for­mance ver­sion based on the new AMG GT R variant.

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