New Jaguar F-Type


Zrzut ekranu 2016-04-29 o 20.35.47

New Jaguar F-Type has been cau­ght on testing on the Nur­bur­gring and on its sites. Pro­ba­bly it is a face­lift of the Bri­tish coupe which came up in 2013.

At the front, F-Type gains new bum­per with new grill, new air inta­kes and new headli­ghts with LED tech­no­logy. At the back we can see sli­ght chan­ges to the bum­per and rear dif­fu­ser.

Jaguar is also pre­pa­ring for us a lit­tle sur­prise with 2-litre engine variant for F-Type. The 4 cylin­der engine will be also sup­por­ted by tur­bo­char­ger. Sim­mi­lar engine in Jaguar model range pro­duce only 240 PS. Cer­ta­in­tly, we can expect power boost to c.a. 300 PS.

As we can see, down­si­zing trend reach UK with grand style, because no one would tell that F-Type could get such small engine. What you think? Give us your tho­ughts and com­ment below!